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The lack of diversity in tech can leave underrepresented workers feeling alienated, a report in 2020 found that only 76% of LGBTQ+ workers feel safe in their workplace. 

February is LGBTQ+ history month, and we want to utilise the platform we have to raise awareness and share six valuable online resources for those who want to learn more. 

2.    Out in Tech
3.    Out in Tech’s LGBTQ+ Mentoring Programming
4.    ScienceAdvances
5.    SheCanCode
6.    LGBTQ+ in Tech Slack regularly posts articles on LGBTQ friendly workplaces, why inclusion is important and how less talk and more action is needed to improve the workplace for women, POC and the LGBT community. 

Out in Tech

Based in 17 cities, Out in Tech has 40,000 members, they’ve hosted 500 events and 5,000 hours have been volunteered to date. 

As the world’s largest non-profit community of LGBTQ+ tech leaders, Out in Tech creates opportunities for members to advance their careers, grow their networks and leverage tech for social change. 

The organisation also has a mentorship programme for 17–24-year-olds where they’re paired with a mentee to help them learn both technical and professional skills. 


Science Advances is the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) that publishes innovative and impactful research papers and reviews in any area of science. This scientific organisation investigates the injustices experiences by LGBTQ+ tech professionals. 


Originally a women in tech blog, SheCanCode has evolved into an active women in tech support hub for women who have careers in tech, or those who are thinking about starting a career in the industry. The community now has over 130,000 worldwide users and there are regular blog posts on the experiences of LGBTQ+ women working in the tech sector. 

LGBTQ+ in Technology Slack 

This is a safe space for individuals to connect online over a Slack channel; it’s a moderated channel open to people who identify as “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and those questioning whether they fit into those or any of the many other sub-genres of people who are not generally considered both “straight” and cis.”

At develop diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. We are continuously learning and looking at ways we can improve our policies to make our workplace a comfortable place for everyone.

If you want to know more about develop, send us a message to get in touch.

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