Frontend Developer.

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Contract Duration: December 2023 - November 2025, estimated workload: 500 person-days.


  1. Execute software development (conceptualization, development, integration, maintenance) for modern, accessible IT applications using cutting-edge frontend technologies.
  2. Provide expertise on infrastructure, tools, and technical frontend components to enhance the efficient digitization of government administrative services.
  3. Offer guidance on frontend architecture for a complex portal application.
  4. Establish, introduce, and enhance a design system for various applications within the federal portal.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Three years of documented experience with Domain-driven Design.
  • Three years of demonstrated experience with Microservice architectures.
  • Three years of proven knowledge as a frontend developer with proficiency in at least one JS frontend framework (Vue.js, React, etc.).
  • Two years of verified knowledge of web components and related frameworks (Stenciljs, LitJS, or Svelte).
  • Two years of demonstrated experience as a frontend developer in agile software development processes (Scrum) with Jira/Confluence.
  • Two years of proven experience with HTML5, CSS, SASS/SCSS, and Javascript.

Language Skills:

  • Proficiency in German (C2) or native language.
  • Competency in English (B2).

Desirable Qualifications:

  1. Familiarity with Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and JavaScript build tools (e.g., vite.js).
  2. Proficiency with Jest.js for testing and debugging API endpoints.
  3. Understanding of distributed version control systems (Git workflow).
  4. Experience with Headless CMS systems, particularly Strapi.
  5. Mastery in data modeling and error handling within RESTful APIs.
  6. Knowledge of containerization/orchestration of Docker containers.
  7. Expertise in Node.js and GraphQL.
  8. Familiarity with frontend patterns (MVC, MVVM, Singleton, Observer, etc.).
David Green