Team Leader Technical Support.

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Job Title: Technical Support Team Captain


  1. Team Leadership:

    • Assemble and lead a new support team of three.
    • Foster a positive atmosphere within the team.
    • Promote individual growth and development.
  2. Leadership Qualifications:

    • Demonstrate strong leadership talent.
    • Possess a minimum of two years of experience in managing people.
  3. Innovation and Creativity:

    • Encourage suggestion-based work.
    • Provide opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas.
  4. Technical Expertise:

    • Have experience with optical transmission technology and network technology.
  5. Benefits and Well-being:

    • Company pension scheme.
    • Customizable IT and office equipment.
    • Health and sports offerings.
    • Fresh amenities.
  6. Product Knowledge:

    • In-depth understanding of the company's transceiver product range.
    • Stay updated on the latest developments and share knowledge.
  7. Motivation and Team Performance:

    • Motivate the team for continuous high performance.
    • Foster a cohesive and international team environment.
  8. Application Process:

    • Interested candidates should submit their application documents (CV and certificates) via email.
    • Include salary expectations and the earliest possible starting date.
  9. Innovative Thinking:

    • Develop innovative concepts for technical support.
  10. Position Details:

    • Full-time position available immediately.
    • Opportunities for personal development through workshops, conferences, language courses, training, and webinars.
  11. Convenience and Facilities:

    • Covered bike parking and shower facilities available.
  12. IT Enthusiast:

    • Ideal for individuals passionate about IT with a focus on continuous learning and investment in the future.
  13. Snack and Refreshments:

    • Enjoy healthy snacks provided, including fruit, cereal, water, tea, and coffee.
  14. Company Culture:

    • Experience a pleasant and modern working environment.
    • Thriving company committed to continuous improvement.
  15. Company Background:

    • Our client is a leader in developing and marketing network transceiver solutions.
    • Part of the international telecommunications community with a presence in almost 100 countries.
  16. Communication Skills:

    • Strong linguistic abilities in both German (B2) and English (B2).
    • Effective written and oral communication skills are essential.

This job description is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Technical Support Team Captain role, highlighting key responsibilities, qualifications, benefits, and the company's culture.

Harry Turner