Lead Product Manager - Public Sector.

  • product and design
  • permanent
  • City of London

We are currently seeking a Lead Product Manager for a dynamic role within our thriving local government client. As a pivotal part of our multidisciplinary team and reporting directly to the Head of Digital Products and Services, this senior management position involves building and fostering a community of practice in Product Management.


  • Collaborate with various teams within the organization to promote the advantages of product management and aid in the development of digital plans.
  • Work closely with stakeholders across the organisation, collaborating with other products and services teams in user research, design, and development to enhance existing products and design innovative ones.
  • Maintain an unwavering focus on ensuring well-informed user needs drive exceptional products and meaningful outcomes, motivating others to do the same.
  • Work collaboratively with other teams in the Digital and Data Service to identify essential priorities and expertise necessary to deliver a diverse portfolio of work.
  • Execute all duties with due regard to health and safety regulations, legislation, Data Protection/GDPR, Equal Opportunities, and Customer Care policies.
  • Prioritize roadmaps based on business value and risk.
  • Empower the delivery team to translate research outcomes into actionable insights.
  • Apply an understanding and experience of agile methodology.

What we are looking for:

  • A profound passion for product management.
  • Proven ability to adapt rapidly to new environments.
  • Experience collaborating directly with teams and stakeholders to establish product visions and priorities.
  • Track record of researching, prototyping, launching, and scaling products from inception to live.
  • Utilize product management principles to ensure that what is built meets user, service, and organizational needs.
  • Demonstrate an advanced working understanding of research, design, technology, and data principles.
  • Profound understanding of the variety and complexity of users' digital needs and how products and services can fulfill those needs.
  • Ability to identify and implement assisted digital support, explaining its importance.
  • Proficiency in designing services and making decisions that align with user needs.
  • Capability to provide guidance on tools and methods, ensuring their appropriateness.
  • Experience in meeting the needs of users across various channels.
  • Expertise in understanding how user needs evolve over time, ensuring they are met.
  • Application of strategic thinking to provide the best service for end-users.
  • Advocate for the user and collaborate with the team to ensure that what is built achieves the desired outcomes.

Working Arrangement:

  • 1 day a week on site.

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Mae Hunter