Lead Frontend Developer.

  • technology
  • permanent
  • Munich

Salary - €80.000 - €90.000

Vacation - 28 Fays

Interview process - 2 x 1 hour

Hybrid or Fully Remote from inside Germany

In the realm of advancing the energy revolution, my clients digital division operates with utmost confidentiality. Their cutting-edge heating and ventilation systems, which significantly reduce CO2 emissions, enhance living comfort, and excel in user-friendliness, contribute significantly to the success of the broader group.

As part of an agile product organization, this top company not only prioritizes adherence to SCRUM methodologies but also embraces an agile mindset. Collaborating closely with management and various departments, the division is actively involved in redesigning the organizational structure and processes in alignment with the SAFe framework.

Key responsibilities of the Lead Frontend Developer include:

  • Managing and evolving the design system and components.
  • Developing responsive-floating layouts for multi-device solutions.
  • Collaborating intensively with Product Owners and Screen designers from the project's inception.
  • Leading frontend test and change processes.


  • Deep experience in developing component-based multi-device solutions.
  • Familiarity with the Atomic Design Approach.
  • Proficiency in relevant technologies such as next.js, React, MUI, and more.
  • Valued qualities include a self-responsible, self-learning, team-oriented approach.
  • Keen ability to navigate complex environments is appreciated.
  • Fluency in English & German is a prerequisite for the role.

The technology stack employed by my client encompasses Atomic Design Architecture, Design System and Theming, Headless Integration Architecture, Storybook, Typescript, CSS, SASS, LESS, Webpack, Composer, MUI, next.js, React, NodeJS, npm, Yarn, jQuery, and Twig.

David Green