What does Windows 11 mean for Software Engineers?

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It could mean a lot. In fact, it’s a big deal.

There’s a lot of noise in the software space. None louder now than the announcement that Windows is releasing its first new OS in six years. Yes, six years!

Windows has shown a repetitive cycle to date in that XP was good, Vista was not so good, 7 was good, 8 was not so good, 10 was good… you can see the theme here.

No pressure, Microsoft.

What we’re really interested in here though, and where we hope Windows 11 will thrive, is in how the latest updates could benefit Software Engineers. There are lots of new features that make it exciting for developers – here’s our top three.

- Developers get to keep all profits made in the Microsoft Store.
- App developers will now be able to share their work in the Microsoft Store while keeping 100 per cent of all revenue in their pocket. Microsoft takes nothing.
- The tech platform is, for the first time, providing you with the opportunity to bring your own product to the store without losing out on any potential revenue.

Creating a more open and transparent system within the Microsoft Store has always been important. Now, they have really opened the door to a whole host of innovative new apps and services to be created by Software Engineers. You can:
•    Share your app with new audiences
•    Optimise its discoverability in real time
•    Learn more about increasing exposure in your sector

You can get your work in front of an audience of millions and keep the profits – now that’s cool.

Microsoft Game Development Kit being made freely available

If we look at the game development part of the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft have swooped in with an exciting feature that simplifies PC game development. The tech giants Game Development Kit (GDK) has been made publicly available for free on GitHub for the first time.

This means that common tools, libraries, and documentation for building PC games are now available at your fingertips. The GDK also adds the Game Stack collection of technologies, which help you to build, publish, and monetise games at scale. And all for no additional cost.

Game development is a big market for developers and these dynamic tools could be indispensable.

Android apps accessible on desktop

Possibly one of the most exciting announcements from Windows 11 is that the Microsoft Store is getting an overhaul to include Android apps.

The updated Store in Windows 11 will support even more app types than the current Store, which supports Universal Windows Platform, .NET, Win32 and PWA web apps too. We’re also going to see the inclusion of Android apps from the Amazon Store. One of the new features also includes a “pop-up” Store that lets users install apps directly from the browser.

Microsoft's Kevin Gallo said, "This means everyone has open access to run the widest range of apps on Windows, enabling all developers to build the apps and experiences that empower users to create, learn and play."

This is the core messaging here. It’s about accessibility for as many people as possible and providing a platform to level up and accelerate skills and career opportunities too. We’re feeling positive about the launch of Windows 11. There’s a whole host of opportunities for Software Engineers to elevate their capabilities. So, what will you do?

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