UK Software Engineering Salary Report

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develop, London-based award-winning software engineering recruitment agency, has released its 2023 UK Software Engineering Salary Report. Nearly 400 Developers in England's technology industry, ranging from start-ups to large-scale corporations, took part in the survey. 

The results provide valuable insights into the wants and needs of tech talent in England and covers several key areas including salaries, job satisfaction, skills requirements, and career paths.

Out of the people we surveyed 45% earn a salary higher than the UK’s average for tech talent. However, the survey found that people want more than a well-paying job, and candidate wants and needs have shifted drastically since 2020. Post pandemic, people want a better work-life balance, more flexibility, and if an employer isn’t going to give them what they want, they are not afraid to move. 

The survey found that less than half of respondents are satisfied in their current role. 65% of Developers answered they were open to new opportunities, or actively looking for new roles. Talent is on the move, and they’re no longer likely to work for a company that doesn’t provide what they want. 

develop’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Joey Tait comments, “The market has changed over the years, and in order to attract and retain Developers businesses need to adapt to these changes. In the midst of intense competition for employees, companies are finding themselves compelled to increase pay rates for new hires in order to attract top talent. However, we know salary alone can no longer keep talent.”

61% of respondents want the opportunity to work from anywhere, with working from home being a close second when it comes to in demand benefits. 

Kevin Hammond, develop’s Co-Founder and CEO, commented, “In office perks are becoming a thing of the past, and forward-thinking companies are offering a variety of benefits that prioritise the personal growth and family lives of their employees. Companies that put progression, wellness and flexibility at the front are thriving – and this isn’t going to change anytime soon."

develop's UK Software Engineering Salary Report, highlights and cements what the tech market want. The past five years has seen changes to all aspects of life, and from our results it’s clear that talent want to keep the flexibility and balance that the pandemic has given. 

Do you want to read the full report? Check it out here.

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