Is your software holding you back?

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Even if you’ve made good investments in the past, few organisations are taking full advantage of the software available to them. Too many are guilty of 'setting and forgetting’, losing efficiency by not staying on top of updates.

When is the right time to invest in new software? This year, many organisations have struggled with legacy infrastructure that can’t keep up with the changed environment. Good software should revolutionise and reinvigorate enterprises. If it doesn’t work properly it can stop you in your tracks. 

Have you outgrown your current software? What do you want from your software? We’ve done the hard work for you, and we’ve listed 5 key things to consider when looking at your software.


We’re in a world where working from anywhere is a requirement for companies, large and small. This means that regularly checking in on the usability of your software in different locations and on varying devices needs to be a key consideration for decision makers within all businesses.

Does it function reliably across phones, tablets, laptops and desktops? How easy is it for users to install updates and back up data? Too often, businesses invest in portable devices without properly considering the supporting software. Both need to work together to enable remote working. 


It’s essential for your software to be scalable and should be prioritised as a business-critical element of your operations. In the long run, scalable software reduces maintenance costs, offers a better user experience, and higher agility. 

We usually think of this in terms of scaling up, but organisations need software that can be scaled back during quieter times as much as software which can cope under the strain of an influx of usage.

Software Engineers walk a narrow line to produce this balance. Monitor the agility of your software to fit with the demands of the business. Ensure it can change with your needs. 


The last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re up against it with a deadline, is whether your software is reliable and providing you with the correct information.

You need a piece of software that you can trust to collect and present the data that you need quickly and efficiently. This will enable you to make crucial decisions in high pressure situations, without delay.

Aside from saving time, dependable software increases data accuracy, and streamlines data handling – a win-win for employers and employees. Take the time to check in with your team to see if they are confident in the programmes they are working with.


If software isn’t working for you, or allows you to work efficiently, then it isn’t working. You need an upgrade. The software you use at work should be as intuitive as finding your next TV series to binge. Good Software Engineers always have the end-user in mind. 

Every piece of software you invest in should make your life easier, and definitely shouldn’t create an extra pain point for you. This will allow your business to keep pace and be agile enough to compete within your market. 


Is your software compatible with a range of devices? Does it integrate with other applications you use? We witness integration issues often when businesses experience a rapid period of growth. Several pieces of software is used to overcome organisational challenges and as businesses grow, these may not all be fit for purpose.

It may be that just one piece of software needs to change, or you might want a new suite of programmes that will help you be more efficient. Software teams are able to help you diagnose problems and build solutions. 

Have you experienced a familiar feeling reading through these signs? It’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate whether you’re investing in the right software for your business. Having a strong, reliable and knowledgeable team of professionals behind your software can really improve the services you provide. After all, it’s key to invest in software that truly works for your business. 

Whether you know what you need, or if you’d like to discuss the options available to you, develop can help. For help and advice on finding the best talent to help overcome your next obstacle, visit our website or call 020 7733 0430 to chat with one of our team.   

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