3 ways software engineering can make a positive social impact

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Whether or not technology is a force for good – or not – is a common debate. But, the idea of ‘doing good’ in the world is seemingly becoming increasingly important to developers.

If you can have a positive social impact, while carrying out your role, then that’s a huge plus.

Fortunately, Software Engineers are well placed to help tackle some of the biggest challenges in our societies today. Working in the industry doesn’t have to be all about generating large sums of money. Ask yourself a few questions:
•    What is the mission of the organisation and does it align with your own values? 
•    What is the organisational culture like? 
•    What ability will you have to make an impact at the organisation?

There are an increasing number of avenues that can provide the opportunity to work for an organisation that gives back. Here are a few ways Software Engineering can make a positive impact.

Supporting the future of healthcare

We’re all more aware of our own health, and we’ve previously discussed the role that Software Engineers can play in preventing illness and infection.

Tech-led solutions are increasing in demand, and the opportunities to transform the healthcare industry with solutions led by Software Engineers are endless. Genomics and personalised medical care are two core areas that developers can get stuck into, particularly post-pandemic.

More and more people are going to look to new ways of accessing care at our fingertips, and developers can be a driver of this.

Furthering education provision

Software engineering is scaling across industries. If we look to how the pandemic has impacted education, we can see that this will be a significant area of interest moving forward.

Over the past year, more and more people have become reliant on technology to continue their learning. Due to infrastructure, or resourcing, this has been challenging at points, but there are continued opportunities for developers to create technology that benefits all.

In developing e-learning platforms and applications, Software Engineers can make a positive social impact by providing students with new tools to enhance their studies. From software that provides annotated feedback on student’s work through companies such as Floop, to Quizlet, which creates digital flashcards to assist with e-learning, there are endless opportunities for Software Engineers to make an impact.

‘Tech for good’ pulls on the power of community

Software Engineers are part of a thriving hub of talented programmers, developers and technical professionals across a range of disciplines, languages and industries.

‘Tech for Good’ is an organisation that brings these people together to outline and help support Software Engineers to use technology to tackle major societal concerns and enable better products and services that help meet people's needs and protect our planet.

They put together events and meetups to demonstrate the impact that Software Engineers can have in their markets. It’s worth a look.

There’s no denying it. The capabilities of software engineering are extensive. And we’re only just getting started what good can come from it! We’re always keen to hear about the latest innovations across different industries. So, let us know what exciting developments are cropping up for you.

Software Engineers are the driving force for innovation. develop is scaling software engineering teams that shape our world. For more information, get in touch on 0207 733 0430.

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