Software Engineer is the most in-demand role in the world. Why?

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Software Engineer is currently the most sought-after role in the world. The whole world! That’s a pretty big deal.

The demand for Software Engineers has been on the rise for quite some time, and not even a pandemic and economic downturn has slowed it down. In fact, software development employment is projected to grow by another 21 per cent by 2028.

So why is this – and what does it mean for Software Engineers and those hoping to hire them?

Tech is changing


The pandemic has caused digital transformation to accelerate, and with it, demand for IT professionals has risen. For eighteen months, everything and everyone suddenly moved on online… work, shopping, doctors’ appointments, you name it. Software Engineers are now essential in every industry. 

The world has gone digital, and that means there is now a higher demand for innovation, including custom-built software, websites, and mobile apps. Regardless of the industry, businesses now need Software Engineers to grow their presence and services. And companies aren’t just hiring one Software Engineer. The increasing complexity of projects means businesses typically hire several engineers to deliver exceptional results for customers. 

Skills shortage 

The skills shortage within software engineering is not new but it is growing. The problem is there simply are not enough experienced Software Engineers to keep up with the demand. Only 8 per cent of STEM graduates have a computer science degree, and even then, a degree isn’t always enough. 

Those who are qualified need up-to-date skills. Rapidly changing tech means companies need Software Engineers who can keep up with it. Each line of code typically has a life span of a couple of years, so Software Engineers must constantly refresh their skills and be capable of building new programs – often in new languages – from scratch.

What does this mean for Software Engineers?

With technology in such high demand, it has never been a better time to be a Software Engineer. High demand means strong job prospects, greater opportunities for career progression and impressive salaries. 

But, those looking to seize on the opportunities should remember that learning never stops. To remain competitive, even the most qualified Software Engineers must keep building on their skills to stay ahead of the game.  

What does this mean for businesses?

On average, it takes businesses 50 per cent longer to hire talent for tech roles compared to other positions.  

Being without a Software Engineer can be a real hindrance to a company’s innovation and productivity. It has a detrimental effect on businesses’ growth and makes it harder for organisations to keep up with their competitors.

Businesses now must compete with a greater field for talent. It’s no longer enough to compete on salary, employers must consider the full benefits package, which will include remuneration, flexible working, perks, learning and development, company culture and career prospects – to name but a few! 

If you’re competing to hire the world’s most in-demand role, there’s a laundry list of things you need to cover – fortunately we are here to help. 

Software Engineers are the future. develop is scaling software engineering teams that shape our world. Get in touch with the team on 0207 733 0430 to find out more

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