How to secure Miami’s best software engineering job

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It may seem like tech jobs are easy to come by right now, but with almost 9 in 10 Software Engineers in Miami looking for a new role, competition for the top jobs are fierce. Thankfully with successful start-ups like, House of Wise and Red 6 all relocating to Miami just this year, there are plenty of opportunities to go around. 

So, if you’re one of those Software Engineers ready to move on to the next big thing, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Get to know the new kids on the block

No, you don’t need to dig out your old CDs, but you should be aware of newcomers to the Miami area. Organisations are flocking to Miami in their droves. New opportunities are created every day, and businesses are looking to scale their teams quickly., for example, have announced their intention to hire 300 new employees by the end of 2022. 

Many jobs are never even advertised externally – you may have even seen the unverified ‘fact’ that 80% of US jobs are never listed. While this number probably isn’t accurate, it is true that a ‘hidden jobs market’ does exist. It’s cheaper and quicker for businesses to find new employees without a long-winded applications process, so many choose to skip this route.

Make sure you know who is hiring in Miami, the new companies that are setting up shop and take advantage of that early knowledge. 

Don’t sleep on FinTech

Without a doubt, the majority of organisations starting up or relocating to Miami are fintech businesses. Miami is often tipped to become the new Silicon Valley, but the new Wall Street could be more accurate. The city has excellent ties to Latin America, and a crypto-friendly political environment, making it the perfect base for modern banking and finance companies.

If you’ve never worked in fintech before, don’t exclude yourself from these opportunities. Though similar experience is always an advantage, these businesses are looking for all kinds of tech talent with transferable skills. 

There’s plenty of disruption coming to the financial services sector, and working with companies like Nymbus, Marco and ClassWallet might just be your opportunity to play a part in the banking revolution. 

Don’t underestimate the human touch

There are thought to be 1 million more job openings in the US than there are workers to fill them. Despite this, Americans routinely struggle to find the right role for their next step. Much of this is down to technology. Though tools like LinkedIn and

ZipRecruiter can help the employer, they don’t always help the employee. Oftentimes, you’re not getting rejected for a new position, you just aren’t making it past the technology’s screening process. 

This is where working with a Headhunter can really benefit candidates. Recruiters can understand your skills and experience far better than any technology can, and will actively market you to companies when there is a suitable role for you.

They’ll also open doors for you, introducing you to the right people at the right time, so you’ll always be aware of upcoming opportunities early. Competition for the best jobs in Miami is fierce, but having a Headhunter in your corner can help you come out on top. 

Working with a Headhunter can be a great move for candidates – if you choose the right one. develop are the only specialist software engineering recruitment company in Miami. To discuss your next career move, please get in touch

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