One Pandemic, Five Perspectives

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Who would’ve thought that what started off like any other Monday turned out to be the beginning of an overwhelming and life changing 3-months. Lockdown has impacted us all – and no one expected it to happen for a second time. We’ve spoken to five of the team on their lockdown experiences, and if they’re going to change anything this time around.

Senior Java Consultant, Will Youle, spent his lockdown in his London house share.  

Lockdown started as a novelty which I thought was going to last a couple weeks, which has turned into a slog that’s still going. Day to day there are benefits, no need to sardine myself onto the Northern Line, which has saved me financially and mentally too. But unfortunately, it’s removed our office environment, which is a great one – people who you enjoy being around for the fun and comradery is difficult to replace with a washing basket and Fred the snake plant. Pros and cons.

A lot of other things have changed as well besides a shorter commute... There’s definitely less business around than March which has made me change my approach. I’m more human and empathetic when communicating with people which I see as a benefit. It does also feel like people are climatising to moving forward considering a COVID or non-COVID world.  

I’m not sure I’ve learnt a lot about myself since the start of the pandemic but considering that maybe I’m not very good at reflecting. I’ve also learnt the hard way that none of my housemates can cut hair… 

Despite knowing how much is rains in the UK I thought an outside dart board was one thing that could help me through the pandemic – not my smartest purchase! Although, I am proud to say I didn’t bulk buy a thing. 

Since the news of lockdown 2.0 I’m definitely feeling more prepared and ready for the month ahead. I’m going to try cooking more new foods I’ve never made before, as well as approaching new businesses with confidence knowing what we do from the first time. 

Internal Growth Manager, Alexis DeCarufel, spent her lockdown in Florida, America.

When lockdown first happened, I felt much more restricted. I like being out and being around people socialising, so to have that option taken away made me feel really stuck. I hate not being able to go to certain stores or go out to eat. 

This time around I’ve gotten a new role at develop, which is exciting for me and is a bit of a distraction as I’m learning a lot of new things! I’ve switched from being a Front-End Consultant to building out develop’s teams across the UK and Germany. I’m loving the new responsibility.

Since April I’ve learnt to be nicer to myself – treating myself kinder is only a good thing, and thinking about it, everyone can benefit from this. I also need to remember that it’s okay to have bad days, and that I don’t need to be in the best mood all the time – I’m only human after all! 

One thing I learnt, and it still baffles me, that my husband can spend everyday on Call of Duty and never get bored! It makes me glad that I stocked up on good wine and reminds me to do it this time around too! 
During the first wave I wasn’t in the UK, I’m nervous to really experience a lockdown and everything that comes with that. I’m looking forward to spend time upgrading my apartment, but I think the month will be a challenge for sure! 
Amy Moore, Marketing Manager, spent lockdown in her Hertfordshire family home 

The pandemic affected my daily life in every way possible – I was furloughed at my previous company so going from working fulltime 5 days a week, to every day being a Saturday was definitely challenging. Although, I did start drinking gin and tonics with my nan earlier and earlier each day as lockdown continued which helped us get through the days… 

Before July I was working at a media agency in Shoreditch, commuted for over two hours most days and struggled (along with most people) to keep a work life balance. I’m now working at develop, working from home and account most my morning steps to going downstairs from my desk for hourly trips to the biscuit tin. 

I learnt that despite everything I’m definitely an optimist. I ordered new clothes as a birthday present to myself which was definitely wishful thinking from me hoping that anyone besides my mum was going to see them! My Nanny on the other hand stayed realistic with her orders and bulk bought wine ordering 36 bottles on Amazon, and accidentally ordering 144 toilet rolls (which we’re still working our way through…).

Looking ahead to lockdown 2.0 I’m feeling more prepared knowing I’ve done it once before, although running and tanning were the two activities that kept me sane so I’m hoping the British weather stays away for the next month. I need some winter sun! 

Java Recruitment Consultant, Zach Puzey was in Salisbury for lockdown

The pandemic made me realise that I prefer being surrounded by people – isolating and being alone is no fun! My housemate went home, and I was alone in the flat so decided to go back home for the remainder of lockdown which took a lot of adjusting! 

Looking back on the past few months has made me grateful for spending more time with family which wouldn’t have happened before lockdown. And I also spent more time outdoors which is always a plus, this led me to buy a paintball gun which seemed a good idea at the time. 

Work has arguably become a lot harder since April, but I’m hoping I’ll come out better at what I do once we’re on the other side of this. 

Thinking about lockdown 2.0 I’d rather it didn’t happen, and that life can go back to some sort of a new normal. But let’s hope it’s only for a month this time, and it’s not ongoing with no end in sight. 

Melissa Deer moved from her studio flat in London, to her family home for lockdown

At the start of lockdown I decided to move back home to my parents house which was a massive change from my daily life, especially as I used to live alone in a studio flat! That, coupled with working from home which I had never experienced before, definitely made life a lot different. The 10pm pub curfew was also a big change when we were given some sort of normality back. 

When lockdown started to ease I moved back to London into a new flat, and I’m working from home now which is completely new to me! Working from home fulltime has made me realise that my housemate paces when he’s on the phone, and it does get annoying sometimes! I’ve also moved company since April so there’s been a lot of change of me in a short space of time. 

It’s definitely made me realise I’m more resilient than I thought – the pandemic saw me face several knockbacks, much like a lot of people across the world, but each time I managed to see the positives in each situation. 

Although I can’t say I bulk bought toilet roll, I did buy an entire All Saints catalogue… 

Lockdown this time is frustrating, after having some normality for a brief period of time but I suppose it has to be done. I am feeling more prepared this time, and I think companies are too! Just got to crack on until its over. 

develop as a company has adapted in every way since lockdown began, and we're sure we aren’t the only business to do so. Being at home more often, and the lockdown being in Winter this time around has made develop even more focussed on the health and wellness initiative that launched in August. 

If develop sounds like sounds like a company you'd like to be part of, send us a message or give us a call 0207 733 0430. 

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