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Have you seen the news? We’re heading to Miami!

And though we plan on making the most of white sand beaches, vibrant bars and beautiful sunshine, this is more than just a vacation. We’re taking develop to the US, and we’ve chosen Miami as our base. Why? Because Miami needs us. 

A tech hub in the making

In his tenure as Miami’s Mayor, Francis X. Suarez has been pushing to turn the city into one of the nation’s top tech hubs. But it wasn’t until the global health crisis that people really started to pay attention. All aspects of work have been re-examined since then, and businesses are no longer doing things simply because ‘that’s how they’ve always been done’. In this case, tech companies aren’t starting up or staying in Silicon Valley, they’re considering other options. 

One of the more attractive options is Miami. Aside from the weather and the culture, the city provides a steady stream of graduate talent from its two major universities, and boasts a cost of living 50% lower than San Francisco’s. 

Add to that Florida state’s claim as having “one of the lowest tax burdens in the country” and it’s easy to see why Miami is booming. 

Plus, for the first time ever, San Francisco is expected to receive less than 20% of the US’  total VC investment, showing that it’s not just business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready for a change. 

So, where is that money going? Miami. Almost one billion dollars was invested into the city’s tech scene in 2020, a 142% increase from pre-pandemic levels of funding. That trajectory has continued into 2021, with $861 million invested in the second quarter of the year. 

The talent challenge

The tech talent shortage is not a new challenge. More than a decade ago, over half of CEOs were concerned about how they would fill digital roles – by 2019 this was up to 79%. The sector was not badly hit by the pandemic, as others were, with unemployment in tech set at 3% compared to 6.7% in the US as a whole. Forty percent of companies hired tech staff during the pandemic, and two thirds have plans to add more this year.

So, although Miami has a winning hand to attract candidates, competition is so intense that companies will need to carefully consider their positions. Our own research, which surveyed 500 Software Engineers in the Miami area, found that 89% are actively seeking a new job. 

Miami is attracting plenty of business owners, but the city must ensure it does not become a talent drain. Even though the cost of living is higher in the Bay Area, salaries are bigger too – and these rose by 5% on average last year. Plus, remote work means candidates can live anywhere they choose. So, how can

Miami companies continue to attract and retain top talent?

Specialist software engineering recruitment 

Even though there are 44,000 Software Engineers on LinkedIn alone who cite Miami as their base, there is no specialist software engineering recruitment firm in the city – until now. 

So why does Miami need a specialist?

Four in five of those we surveyed told us they had had a negative experience with a headhunter. Breaking the data down, 95.15% of those with 1-3 years’ experience cited a negative interaction, while 83.93% of those in senior roles – those searching for talent – said the same. The current recruitment model isn’t working for candidates or companies. 

Those that had had a poor experience said that the process took too long, the headhunter didn’t know enough about the role or the industry, and around one third said the headhunter was rude and/or unprofessional. 

Despite this, 79.6% would consider a job offered by a headhunter and so it’s crucial companies choose the right partner.

Enter, develop

“Tech specialist headhunters” are a dime a dozen, but all too often their expertize is too broad to find the niche talent required by Miami companies. We only recruit Software Engineers.

All our consultants work one specialist market and learn to code in the relevant language for their market. This helps them to understand the details of a role, the skills required and to read between the lines of a resume or LinkedIn profile. When surveyed, Software Engineers in Miami told us they were most excited about Java and JavaScript – two languages we specialize in. 

We’re bringing develop to Miami because we see a clear need for our solutions. Miami will become one of the top tech hubs in the US, there’s no doubt about that – and it will get there sooner with our help. 

To read our full report on Software Engineering in Miami, please click here to download. For more information, or to discuss your hiring needs, please get in touch.

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