Protecting our Clients and Contractors with the Kingsbridge IR35 Status tool

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develop is excited to announce that we will be protecting our clients and contractors as the IR35 reform comes into place in April 2021 with the Kingsbridge IR35 Status tool.

This tool offers a hybrid IR35 status assessment that puts the best experience and support into one place for both clients and contractors. 

With this tool, clients can ensure transparency before and during engaging contractors and equally, candidates will have peace of mind that the placement they are entering into has been accurately assessed. 

Kevin Hammond, develop’s CEO, “Contractors play a vital role in driving projects and companies forward. The uncertainty surrounding the upcoming IR35 reform is the result of a lack of education. Working with Kingsbridge provides a simple solution to our Clients and Contractors that transfers the risk and liability to develop.” 

The Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool, takes a best-of-both approach, combining a custom-designed automated process with in-house expert consultancy to provide the quickest, most accurate IR35 status result available.  

If it’s a clear-cut case, the tool generates an instant determination,?as well as a?comprehensive?report that pulls through the notable positives or negatives of?a given engagement, as well as an official Status Determination Statement (SDS). If it’s a borderline result, the answers given are manually reviewed by Kingsbridge’s in-house IR35 specialists. 

For more information on develop’s IR35 product, please contact 


Download develop's IR35 Readiness Report here.

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