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One of develop’s promises to the team, is ‘a commitment to constant learning’. Why? We understand the importance of investing in our team and their skills. To say it simply: 

-    It improves motivation and engagement 
-    The quality of work is improved 
-    Employees are learning 
-    Errors are reduced 
-    Productivity and efficiency is increased 
-    Employee retention and attraction is improved 

At develop, every week we have a ‘develop yourself’ hour where everyone is encouraged to upskill and learn during the working day. Consultants learn the coding language they recruit for, and sales support upskill in their specific area of knowledge. 

A reason why people stop learning as they grow up, is because of the pescribed nature of school or university. They’re told what to study, they have to follow a format and what they’re told. Whereas at develop, we encourage the team to learn what they want, what they’re interested in, and in whatever way works for them. We want people to succeed, and we encourage them to do this in the best way for them. 

develop’s Executive Assistant, Carlene Swart, said that one of the reasons she joined the business was because of our commitment to learning. ‘I’m always learning in my personal life, and looking for something new to try. So when I joined develop I found it incredibly empowering to have this as something we’re encouraged to do during working hours.’ 

According to recent research, almost 35% of UK professionals say their current employer doesn’t provide resources for them to develop, but 97% of UK professionals have a desire to upskill. Companies that aren’t providing their team with opportunities are losing talent, and this is costing businesses; to hire a new employee costs on average £3,000 whereas the average training costs per employee for a year is almost half of this. Based on the numbers, you can’t argue that investing in an employee and their skills is a no brainer. 

‘The fact that develop encourage us to learn during work hours is a massive bonus, and something I’ve not had before’ said Carlene, ‘A lot of companies promote learning, but in your own time. Offering time during the working day is testament to develop’s dedication to the team.’ 

66% of businesses say they’re struggling to recruit for the skills they need, and 40% of employees will leave a company in their first 12-months if they experience little, or no training. Companies offering training and development opportunities are winning the war on talent. Whether they offer a training budget, offer a paid for platform or provide monthly sessions, employees are more engaged and morale is higher. 

At develop, we pay for everyone to have a Udemy login and they can use this to help both enhance both professional and personal skills. As well as access to on demand learning, we have a dedicated Learning and Development Trainer in-house to provide in person, and online training to the team from everything and anything recruitment. 

‘Udemy offers such a wide range of courses, the opportunities are amazing. I’ve completed courses on so many different subjects! From leadership, to emotional intelligence, to public speaking – I’ve tried them all!’ Carlene adds, ‘The ease of access Udemy offers is another reason I love it. Whether I’m on my laptop, or on my phone – I can use Udemy in the most convenient way to me.’

By 2030, roughly 20% of the UK workforce will be significantly underskilled, so it’s in a business's best interest to get ahead of this whilst they can. 

For more on investing in employees, check out develop’s infographic.

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