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A brand-new product from develop.

Recruitment has a reputation for being a time consuming and expensive process. We know that hiring managers spend too much time trying to find the right candidate, and that working with recruiters who lack the same urgency can cause more frustrations. This isn’t even taking into account the wasted time and money that goes into making a bad hire.  

When we launched develop, we knew that we wanted to do things differently. Our aim is to raise the bar for software recruitment, and we know that can’t be done by relying on the hiring methods of yesteryear. 

To make the process better for everyone involved, we’ve created a suite of products built for speed, efficiency and great candidate experience. This is Framework.

What does Framework include?

Framework is designed for maximum delivery and value. We begin with a recruitment strategy health check, which assesses your current hiring practices to determine strengths and weaknesses. We’ll then engage the develop community, connecting you with the best of the best in software talent.

All of our candidates undergo industry gold standard IKM technical testing which can be tailored to your specific requirements. This means you’ll get the best talent for you at the right time. Once you’ve created your shortlist, we will arrange interviews through our branded engagement and interview software platform. 

Throughout the process you’ll get regular updates from us and will be able to connect with us instantly via Slack. Framework also includes complete protection, with a six-month rebate scheme. 

Improve the quality of your candidate pool

We will only ever recommend candidates which are completely right for you – and we can prove it. Our bespoke testing guarantees that the candidates you interview are among the top 10 per cent of talent. 

We are also teaching all of our consultants to code in the language they specialise in. This means you’ll get candidates who are equipped with the skills and experiences relevant to your project. We might know the industry’s best Python developer, but that’s no good to you if you’re hiring for a Java-based role. We’ll never waste your time with candidates that don’t meet your requirements. 

Reduce your time to hire

A lengthy recruitment process not only means delays on projects – potentially impacting your bottom line – it also leads to a poor candidate experience. The best candidates are likely to be pursuing more than one opportunity at a time, and organisations that take too long to issue offers end up losing out on top talent. 

Framework grants you access to our fully branded video introduction software, develop Connect, so that by the time you have read a CV you have already ‘met’ the candidate. You’ll have a more holistic view of the candidate than a piece of paper can provide, reducing the number of interviews you need to conduct. 

Boost your efficiency

In addition to ensuring you only engage with the right candidates and reducing the time spent on hiring, Framework gives you complete oversight over your recruitment process. We’ll create a Slack instant messaging channel for you so that we are always connected, and you can reach us easily, whenever you like. In the era of flexible and remote working, this has become even more important to our clients. 

develop Framework saves our clients time and money. It offers candidates a great experience, improving your employee brand and connecting you with even better talent. If your recruitment process doesn’t do this, it’s time to be bold and disrupt it.

For more information on Framework, or any of our other products, visit our website or call 020 7733 0430 to chat with one of our team.   

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