Women in Recruitment, an interview with Melissa Deer

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develop are passionate about creating a more diverse and inclusive industry. One step we are taking to create awareness and discussion in the recruitment world is by launching our Diversity and Inclusion Series. Today, we are focusing on Women in Recruitment. 

In the UK, women earn 81p for every £1 a man earns, and women make up 7% less of the UK labour workforce than men. Marketing Manager, Amy Moore (She/Her) sat down with develop’s Java Consultant Melissa Deer (She/Her) on her experiences being women, any gender bias she’s faced and whether she believes being a woman has had an impact on her career so far. 

What’s it like being a woman in tech recruitment? 

Generally speaking, it’s great! I love working in the tech space, particularly focusing on Java. From my experience, it is typically a male-dominated industry so it’s great for me to be able to add a female face and prove that women can be successful here too.

How has the industry changed regarding its treatment and attitudes of women? 

Whilst I’ve only been in the industry a few years, I have certainly noticed that more and more women are (rightfully so) moving up the ranks within recruitment, especially in the IT sector. 

Do you believe there are equal opportunities for women in recruitment? 

I think that there is still work to be done here. That’s not to say that women who work in recruitment don’t have the same opportunities as their male counterparts, but rather I think there should be more opportunities for women at every level. Thinking back on the recruitment teams I have encountered, honestly speaking they have mostly been made up of males with potentially one, maybe two females on a team. It would be fantastic to see this eventually even out!

Do you think being a woman in recruitment has given you any benefits over other team members? I wouldn’t say so. I’d like to think that I work just as hard as my team mates to be successful in recruitment.

What challenges do you think women still face in the recruitment industry? 

Potentially fighting back against the view that we might not know as much, but I don’t think this is very prevalent in the industry (at least I hope not).

Do you feel like anyone treats you differently as a woman in recruitment?

Not in my experience. I feel for the most part I have been treated equally to other members of my team which is all I ask.

How has working at develop been different from other experiences in your career? 

develop has been the most welcoming and positive environments I have worked in. The way that everyone here genuinely cares about each other and how they’re getting on is brilliant to see. develop is also an open place for LGBTQ+ members, I feel incredibly comfortable here! 

Have you had any female mentors whilst working in recruitment?

Lucy Turner has been a fantastic friend and role model for me. She’s not afraid to put herself in daunting, high level situations, she runs a team brilliantly and is just an all-round excellent woman.

What needs to be done to take the industry to the next level? 

A growing awareness that recruitment and sales isn’t just for men! For some there may be a stereotypical view here, but that’s definitely not the case – recruitment is for anyone and everyone.

If you’d like to participate in our diversity and inclusion campaign please reach out to Amy Moore.

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