International Women’s Day

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develop want to create a more diverse and inclusive industry. One step we are taking to create awareness and discussion in the recruitment world is by launching our Diversity and Inclusion Series. For International Women’s Day, we are focusing on Women in Recruitment. 

Globally the gender pay gap is currently predicted to take 202 years to close if it continues at the current rate and in the UK three quarters of companies pay their male staff more than their female staff on average. 

Marketing Manager, Amy Moore (She/Her) sat down with Dora Pasztor (She/Her), Sam Bailey (She/Her) and Demi Chisnall (She/Her) and they had a chat on their experiences being women, any gender bias they’ve faced and whether they believe being a woman has had an impact on their career so far.

What’s it like being a woman in recruitment? 

Dora Pasztor is based in London and has worked in tech recruitment for over two years. I think it’s a great thing to be a woman in recruitment. I also feel like more women should consider this industry as a career. 
In general, I think it’s pretty amazing to be a woman in tech recruitment. I get to talk to inspiring people, and technology was always very close to my heart from a young age, so I love finally not being criticised for being a geek and a chatterbox at the same time.

Sam Bailey has worked in recruitment since 2017 and lives in London. Being a woman working in recruitment is definitely different to other industries as the majority of companies are male dominated. 
Being in tech recruitment as a woman is unique as not a lot of women choose to learn much about tech so it’s rarer for women to specialise in tech recruitment. It does sometimes feel like a man’s world. But, being one of few gives me the opportunity to talk to a different kind of candidates and approach situations differently to my male colleagues. 

Demi Chisnall has worked in tech recruitment for over two years and is based in Essex. Being a woman in recruitment is fun! It’s enabled me to really grow my confidence and people skills. Working in Tech recruitment is always really interesting, it has given me an insight into a world I knew very little about! I can now differentiate between a lot of tech jargon and understand the difference between Swift and Agile!

Do you think being a woman in recruitment has given you any benefits over other team members?

Dora: I think it has in a way. It’s really hard to say whether the only reason is because I am a woman, or because I am extremely inquisitive. I try to make every candidate comfortable when it comes to talking to individuals. 

Sam: I wouldn’t say I benefits more or less than other team members, but sometimes I’ve been able to speak to a demographic of candidates that other teammates have struggled with.

Do you feel like anyone treats you differently as a woman in recruitment? 

Dora: I think it’s a very two-sided topic, especially when it comes to talking to candidates. Most of the time I feel like candidates are more open when they discuss what they’re doing and discussing roles. However, I have experienced occasionally the odd candidate who simply refused to talk to me and expected a male colleague to call them back. Unfortunately for them, at that time I was the only tech recruiter at my company. 

Demi: When working roles and dealing with candidates this isn’t something I have ever dealt with. Although there have been a few times throughout my career I have answered the phone to people that have questions and they just assumed I was a receptionist! 

Have you had any female role models / mentors whilst working in recruitment? 

Demi: I think again, I have been lucky with the people I have worked with and my very first female role model in recruitment would have been Maria Halford at Michael Page, seeing someone be a top biller and work part time whilst having her daughter was a massive inspiration! Also Niharika Samuel and Angie Hemming at Aspire were absolute girl bosses! And last but not least all of my team at May and Stephens are such amazing women that they inspire me everyday!

Dora: Previously, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Louisa Dickins and Lucy Wright at LMRE and they are both fantastic mentors. For now I’m surrounded by wonderful male mentors, who actually really appreciate that I am a women in tech recruitment and they really look out for me!

Sam: I haven’t met a female role model in recruitment so far in my career, but I’d love to be someone’s role model in the future! 

If you’d like to participate in our diversity and inclusion campaign please reach out to Amy Moore,

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