Everything candidates need to know about IKM testing

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Coding assessments and interviews are like Marmite to Software Engineers: you either love them or hate them. 

While they can allow engineers to show off their capabilities in a way that can’t be achieved through a traditional interview, they can sometimes be seemingly irrelevant to the role you’re applying for. There’s also no industry standard, meaning a candidate could find themselves taking part in a screen-sharing interview, paired-coding assessment, pre-recorded challenge, or anything in between. Some are far too easy, others are bordering on impossible, making it difficult to prepare in advance. 

At develop, we put all of our candidates through IKM testing, so that our clients know exactly what to expect from them. But, we don’t want to create any unnecessary challenges for Software Engineers, so we’ve put together some do’s and don’ts to help you get ready for your IKM challenge.



Trust the tech

IKM tests mould to your ability. The better you do, the harder the questions get. If you start to struggle or find questions difficult, they’ll get easier. The software identifies your capabilities as an expert in certain languages and programmes, so you’ll have a good idea of how you’re doing as you go along. 

This type of technical testing is an essential tool and clients will often tailor their IKM test to specific skillsets they are searching for.

Check, check and check again

Due to how varied the tests can be, we recommend considering all options and choices when placing your answers. There will be an abundance of information available to you, so grab hold of it!

It’s valuable for clients to understand a Software Engineers technical skill ahead of any potential interview. Hiring managers will benchmark you against other applicants in the hiring process; don’t get caught out on minor mistakes.


Rush through the test

Take your time. That’s the most important part of an IKM test. They aren’t there to challenge your ability to answer questions quickly, or ahead of the other applicants. Once you have submitted your answer, or if you skip a question, you can’t go back, so be confident you are ready to head to the next stage.

Answering correctly is much more important than answering quickly. The time taken will be visible to a client, so don’t rush.

Miss any questions out

The objective of the test is to check that you have the correct technical skills for a role. If you are not certain of an answer, make your best guess anyway. Answers can sometimes be worked out with little familiarity on the subject, and you will get some points for putting forward something that is almost there.

The worst thing you can do is skip a question altogether. Employers look for a ‘can do’ approach, so don’t view this as a pass or fail test. The analysis of your skills is more important than the overall score you receive.

IKM testing is designed to locate the top talent in the Software Engineering sector through integrated tasks. It also allows you to show off your capabilities in a way that can’t be achieved through a traditional interview. Knowing what to expect from your next IKM challenge will help you to get one step ahead.

We want to place the best Software Engineers into the best roles, making the recruitment process a smooth and simple journey. Get in touch with our consultants on 0207 733 0430 to find out more.

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