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It’s good to talk.  

In August, develop launched a health and wellness initiative to help employees with their physical and mental wellbeing. 

During COVID, mental health referrals in the UK have significantly increased and we feel a responsibility to help all employees through this once in a century scenario. 

As part of the new wellness initiative, we’re working with ex Recruitment Consultant turned Health Coach extraordinaire, Michelle Flynn. Everyone at develop has a monthly one-to-one session where they can discuss everything and anything that’s on their mind. Flynn is also running a monthly companywide session to coach consultants through a range of topics such as finding your mojo and building resilience. Flynn says, “I have been working with the develop team since August providing 1-2-1 coaching and group talks. It is amazing to see a company taking the health and wellbeing of their team so seriously.  Ultimately happy, healthy people make up high performance teams which in the world of recruitment is key to the success of the individuals and the company.” 

One of the biggest changes develop (and everyone in the office world!) has made is home working. Prior to the pandemic, working from home wasn’t something that we thought much about. Our Consultants were in the office five days a week. We’ve now implemented a working from home policy that gives employees flexibility by offering them the option to work from home up to three days a week. 

It’s good to cycle. 

develop have a companywide cycle to work scheme. As well as being particularly tough if you’ve not done it since you were a child, cycling is known to improve levels of wellbeing and self-confidence as well as helping with stress management, productivity and physical health. Switching off in the recruitment industry can be hard – cycling to and from the office helps you to switch off and relax before starting your day, or on the way home for dinner. What’s not to love..? (apart from the burning legs!)

Once a quarter, we all give back. 

Volunteer days benefit morale, we learn new skills and it’s great to work together on something away from the business. This quarter we’re partnering with Thames Reach, a brilliant charity tackling homelessness in London. On the 29th September, we’re helping their clients by hosting workshops on CV, interview and job finding skills. 

It’s good to develop. 

Every Friday (with a beer or two) we have a companywide town hall meeting where we share our successes. Each team shares what’s gone well and what they’d like to improve on the following week. It helps us create an open culture which encourages everyone to have a ‘captain’ mentality. Everyone’s feedback is welcome and super useful. 

Our new develop monthly internal newsletter includes company news, updates and a new health and wellness tip each month to encourage everyone to look after their mental wellbeing and physical health. 
Now more than ever, it’s important to look after yourself and those around you.  

If develop sounds like a recruitment company you’d like to work for, call Alexis DeCarufel on 0203 988 4131 or send us your CV. 

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