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Lucy Whitfield, famous for being develop’s Internal Growth Manager and Greggs sausage roll lover, sat down last week with Amy Moore, our Marketing Manager. Lucy tells us all her role at develop, what we’re looking for from potential Consultants and how flexible working is the future. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Lucy Whitfield? 

I’ve been in recruitment for almost 6-years and I’ve worked predominantly in tech recruitment. I can’t lie and say I grew up wanting to be a Recruiter, but it was always something I’d heard about and was encouraged to try. When I was working as front of house for a serviced office, I applied for a few Consultant roles, interviewed for the first role I applied for and as soon as I started my recruitment career, I fell in love with it. 

From the banter to the people to the pace – I genuinely love recruitment.

What exactly is an Internal Growth Manager? 

I’m responsible for the growth of the business. Joey, Kevin and I determine future headcount plans, and we’ll plan a strategy on how we’re going to achieve this – but it’s my responsibility to hire the best people that fit our DNA and core values. 
Earlier this year, we set out to double our headcount from 19 to 38. Looking at this now I’m confident in saying we’ll be more than this come March 2022. 

Have you seen big changes in the workplace over your career?

The pandemic has forced changes into the workplace that probably would’ve taken longer to become widespread. But, one thing I’ve noticed especially in recruitment is that working office hours and leaving when the workday is done is no longer a taboo. The shift from life fitting in around your work is no longer the norm, and your life outside of work being a priority isn’t the exception. 

Another change that I can’t not mention is working from home – this new way of working has been adopted by all industries. Pre-pandemic, some companies would only have computers and not laptops making it impossible for people to work from home. Now, companies have the infrastructure to facilitate home working, and companies that have a full-time office-based structure are outdated; and they’re getting left behind. 

I love the flexible work from anywhere policy at develop – I can see my nephews at lunch, I can work out before starting my day and overall, my quality of life has improved massively. I can’t imagine commuting 5-days now. 

Something that I’ve noticed among colleagues and friends in recruitment is that companies now care about employees as people – previously managers wouldn’t care if you were having a bad day or if you were going through a bad time. Employee wellbeing is now an essential, and workplaces have adapted to new ways of living and working. develop have fully embraced these new working ways, and the wellness incentives the whole team have access to is amazing – my favourite three are the long lunches, 80% flexible working and Plumm Health

Who are you looking for?

I’m looking for many things, but three essentials that you need at develop is: 
-    A determination to achieve and be the best version of you 
-    A drive and willingness to go that extra mile. 
-    We cherish our culture above all else so you need to be a genuine human being who will help and add value to our team

If this, is you give me a call! I’m always looking for Consultants to join the team. 

Why should people join develop?

I regularly ask myself, why don’t I have people knocking down my door to interview with us… 

Our USP’s are genuine - no one else does what we’re doing. We’ve seen 10-months consecutive growth across the business, Consultants are hitting 130/ 140% of target and we’re always investing in the newest and best tech on the market.

The career progression at develop is clear. Every single person has their targets and their promotion criteria laid out in front of them from day one, the goal posts don’t move and when we say to someone this is what you need to do, we reward them for it. 

develop’s 80% flexible work from anywhere policy is amazing. You can live where you want and come to the office when you want Tuesday-Friday. When we say flexible, we mean it. 

What’s the biggest change you’d like to see in the workplace?

I’d like to think flexible working is here to stay. I love working from home as well as coming into the office. Having the choice to decide where I work is something I don’t want to lose. I no longer feel like I’m missing out on career progression when I work from home and it’s great to see other women in all industries feeling the same. I really hope this is something that doesn’t go anywhere. 

The last thing I want to say is join develop! Everyone who works here is appreciated and valued but you don’t have to take my word for it, see what the team have to see about working at develop:

Want to know more about develop? Send me a message if you want to go for a coffee or have a chat. 

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