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John Norris, Managing Director for develop Germany, spoke to Anoop Nair, founder of Germany is Calling, a man on a mission to help Indian job seekers who are looking for tech roles within Germany. 

Specialising in Python, Machine Learning and Data Science roles in Munich, John heads up a team of five consultants who each specialise in their own language and location within Germany: Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. 

Anoop interviewed John on his recruitment experience, opinions, and advice on the Python job market in Germany

The Python job market in Germany 

Since December, until now, we’ve seen a 46% increase in jobs in the Python market. Not dwelling on the pandemic but companies initially panicked and paused the majority of hiring, now they’re starting to realise that this situation isn’t going to disappear overnight and we’re starting to see an increase in the number of companies hiring. Interviews, onboarding, and daily working life have all adapted, and it is shifted online. Because of this new approach to hiring, it’s encouraging to see more Python roles; it’s nice to see some positives for the start of 2021. 

The future for Python developers 

The buzz word on everyone’s lips is Machine Learning, and specifically how that function sits within businesses; how people are using data better, how businesses are utilising data and using Python on the backend seems to be a real need and want from clients. What is encouraging to see is start-ups using Python – despite it being an older language, it is still being used, it’s still just as popular and that’s promising. It’s not being overshadowed by anything else; it’s still growing. 

LinkedIn profiles and CVs

When you’re looking for a role, I tell candidates to keep their profiles up to date, and specific. Your LinkedIn profile is an online version of your CV – if you’re not looking after that and it’s unclear, think about how that looks to the outside world, recruiters and hiring teams. If your LinkedIn Profile and CV are structured and presentable, your first impression is going to be good from the get go. Keep things clear and concise is what I’d say to anyone updating their CV’s.  

Hiring international candidates 

Companies are clear from the offset on what their policy is regarding hiring candidates from overseas. If clients say we can hire worldwide, it helps us as the talent pool is widened further and isn’t restricted by location. Pre-pandemic, before remote working was the new normal, it wasn’t as popular with clients, however nowadays it’s definitely considered more. In the future, a lot of businesses are planning on returning to their offices, as well as introducing flexible working to office life – so companies and candidates need to be realistic when hiring. 

When people are applying for a role that requires relocating abroad we always qualify candidates before presenting them to clients – we make sure that they’re aware of all the scenarios, the culture changes, leaving friends and family behind. 

Advice for Python candidates in Germany 

•    Learn German or start to learn the basic foundations of the language. 
•    Keeping a German and English version of your CV is a good start. 
•    Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date is an easy and simple way to show people who you are. 
•    Connect with recruiters and send a personal message to help individuals on their way to finding their perfect role. 

If you’re looking to secure an experienced Python candidate, get in touch with the team here, or give us a call +49 30 21783 568.

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