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Think back to your working life in 2019, commuting five days a week, cramming onto a busy train, and being 100% office-based. Looking back on this way of working seems unbelievable. The pandemic changed workplace norms drastically, and a lot of people are happy these ways of working have stayed. Remote and hybrid working is the most popular trend that has stayed, and the evolution of what a traditional working week looks like is improving the lives of workers across the globe.

Flexible hours, work from anywhere opportunities, continuous learning, and wellbeing are the focus of businesses and these are only becoming more common. develop is staying at the forefront of these trends, and we update our policies regularly to fit our Consultants’ needs.

Remote and hybrid working offers employees more flexibility, and they benefit from this in so many ways. There's higher productivity, better work-life balance, and more diversity in teams. We offer all employees up to 60% remote working, so you can work from wherever three days a week. We're all in the office on Monday, but the rest is up to you.

A recent report found that 92% of companies that trialed a 4-day week have decided to keep this initiative. 43% reported improved mental health in their teams, and 71% saw burnout reduced. We know that life shouldn't be all about work, and now all develop sales support team members work a 4.5-day week, and our sales consultants have a 4-day week incentive in place each month.

COVID-19 catapulted wellbeing into focus both in and outside of the office. People are putting themselves and their wellbeing first. A recent survey found that 62% of employees identified wellbeing benefits as a key factor in deciding whether to apply for a new job. Policies are no longer nice to haves for businesses; they’re essential.

Wellbeing covers both physical and mental health, and develop understands the impact modern life can have on both. Everyone has access to mental health support via Plumm Health, the whole team has private health insurance, and we offer everyone two recharge days per year. 

Want a longer lunch break? The whole develop team has the option to take an hour and a half lunch for a wellness activity, whether you’re going to workout, have a therapy session, or enjoy a massage – you can use your extended lunch for whatever you’d like. 

We have quarterly company wide days where we take time out of the office and our daily routines to enjoy time together offsite. Previously, we’ve enjoyed sports days, cooking classes, and afternoons at Bounce or Gravity. 

Professional development has experienced a transformation over the past few years, and continuous learning and improvement is key for many individuals. Employers are recognising the importance of upskilling their current workforce, and a LinkedIn study found that 94% of employees would stay in a job longer if their employer provided training and development opportunities. 

All develop employees have a Udemy login, where they learn skills beneficial to their role. All Consultants learn to code in their chosen programming language, and our back off teams upskill in their function whether that’s finance, marketing, operations, or learning and development. On top of this, employees have dedicated time during the working day to train. 

Do you want to work for a recruitment agency that does things differently? develop is hiring talented Consultants to join our growing team! Send us a message to find out more! 

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