Three essential tech skills for children

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Technology is ingrained in many aspects of our lives, and every day it plays a part. From communication, to travel, to healthcare – technology is the commonality. 

Generation Z and Gen Alpha’s are digital nomads, and their reliance on technology is unlike any generation before them. Using a phone or tablet is one thing, learning essential tech skills is another. 

Throughout primary school, children and young people should be encouraged to pursue tech skills that are beneficial to their education and beyond. Knowing where to start can be a minefield, so we’ve put together a list of essential tech skills to learn from an early age. 

1. Mouse and keyboard skills
Children today are familiar with technology, they know what a computer is, they know how to use a smart phone, and play a game on a tablet. But, when it comes to computer basics how much do they really know? Teaching them the essentials like how to turn a computer on and off, how to use a track pad / mouse, and how to type using a keyboard will entice their inquisitive minds.
Once children become familiar with computer basics teaching them shortcuts is not only exciting and enticing for them, but it will equip them with skills they’ll need for their future. Copying, pasting, window switching and bookmarking are all essential skills that help throughout their education and their careers later on in life. You might even learn some new shortcuts to help you! 

2. Internet browsing skills
As your child grows up, and becomes more tech savvy teaching them the essentials when it comes to the internet is essential. The internet is used for educating and learning more and more, but making young people aware of where to look online is just as important. Protecting your child online from as early as possible is key. 

One way to get children practicing safe browsing is getting them to use the internet to help research facts, videos, and find photos to help support their work. Learning how to navigate search engines is only a benefit to them throughout their education and as they start to use it for personal use as well.  

3. Programming and Coding
You might be thinking, my child can just about write their name, they’re too young to learn how to code. But, the ideal age for children to begin their coding journeys from seven. Learning the programming basics is encouraged, and these skills are transferable throughout every aspect of their lives from problem solving, to communication, to team work. 

STEM careers are one of the fastest growing industries, and some of the jobs Generation Alpha will be doing wouldn’t even be created yet. Preparing them to use certain skills from an early age is only a benefit. 

develop understand the importance of tech skills for children and young people, and we have partnered with a primary school in our local community to help close the tech skills gap we see daily. Want to know how you can get involved with our STEM commitment, or want to know more? Send us a message! 

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