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Well, that’s as a Consultant at develop. But you knew that already, right?

We recently covered what we’re looking for in a develop recruiter. A willingness to learn, a desire to make a difference and putting tech at the top are just a few of those core values. 

But it’s not just about what we’re looking for, it’s about what we can give to you too. This is a partnership that we are committed to developing together. Ultimately, if you’re given the tools and opportunity to succeed then it’s yours to take and run with.

For people starting out, the world of work, especially now, may seem a tad daunting. But we know that the opportunities for graduate talent in recruitment are endless. Whether you have a business, computer science, arts and literature degree or anything else in-between under your belt, entering recruitment is a promising career move.

There’s so much that graduates can achieve once they’re at develop with the support that we offer. Are you ready to join us?

Tech and tools at your fingertips

First up, every single one of our consultants learns to code. They all work in very vertical markets and learn to code in their chosen software programme language. Whether that’s Python or Java, .NET or JavaScript – you can get involved too. We even have developer of the month awards so you can show off your skills!

We’ve found this bridges the gap from a technical perspective when they speak to both candidates and to clients and helps you to build better client relationships. We give you time each week to code in the language of your choice. 

The month of May also sees us launching our coding challenge. We’d like any of our develop employees to create a CV-to-interview ratio calculator with the skills they’re learning on Pluralsight. Even better, there are £250 worth of vouchers up for grabs! The opportunities to develop your skills are important not only to you, but to us too.

We also ensure you have all the tools to build your software engineering desk, so you won’t be entering the role with no support. Slack? Got it. Bullhorn? Got it. Pluralsight? Got it.

Basically, if it can help you, then we have got it (and if we haven’t, then let us know).

Benefits that actually benefit you

One thing we’re proud of is our forward-thinking and progressive culture. It’s not about the individual, it’s about how we make an impact as a team. If you’re succeeding then so are we, and vice versa too.

We recently reviewed our benefits package, to ensure that each consultant had access to the benefits they need to ensure their personal lives and professional work in harmony together. Here are a few of our favourites:
•    Up to 80 per cent remote working options
•    Season Ticket Travel Loan
•    Consultant/developer of the month awards
•    Future Leaders programme
•    Spotify and Netflix subscriptions
•    Parental leave
•    Longer lunches to focus on your wellbeing
•    Monthly wellbeing initiatives

We know that for graduates, it’s not all about the salary. So we’ve done something about it.

Money isn’t everything, but…

... it is something that we’re keen to help our team enhance.

There are several opportunities for our consultants to receive uncapped commission, as well as exciting incentives for those who hit their targets, or perform really well! Our starting salary is competitive, because we value the skills and potential that you will bring to your role.

These incentives allow you to take an element of control over your earning capabilities – that’s why we’re shouting about them!

Progression at your pace

We are focused on personal development, not just profit. We want you to be in control of your career.

There are two progression routes that a graduate can take up. Route one is in leadership, equipping you to grow your knowledge and experience, build a team and then pass it on. Route two is in principal billing, empowering you to take a passion for sales and translate this into building client relationships and business development opportunities.

Whichever pathway fits you best, there are clear progression points, as you jump from a trainee graduate consultant, up to senior leadership and management roles (with healthy incentives to boost your earnings along the way). What we’re saying is, we have the pathways in place – so come and take a look.

This is who we are now and who we will continue to be as we grow. We hope this resonates with who you are too. Ultimately, we’re trying to set the gold standard for recruitment in software development. Our consultants are at the core of making that a reality.

Recruitment is different at develop. Come and find out how.

If you’re looking for somewhere that recognises your contribution and the value you bring to the business (as well as your performance), give us a call on 0207 733 0430 to join the journey at develop.

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