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At develop. all our consultants learn to code. We have a culture of learning and all our consultants have access to PluralSight to teach themselves to code in the language they help you to recruit. This week, for National Coding Week, develop’s Head of UK Development, Rob Legg, has been working on his coding skills and has created a phrasal based game for your enjoyment and scrutiny!  

For the past six years, Rob has been building teams in the Microsoft Community and believes that learning this side of the game makes him different from other .NET Recruitment Consultants in the world. Learning to code was something Rob was interested in, he hadn’t seen others doing this before, and it seemed like a natural route to go down. But, the modern struggles of procrastination and finding a work, life balance put this interest on the back burner and like a lot of us, it’s taken a global pandemic to turn his interests into hobbies and learn a new skill! Who says lockdown was all bad?

Working in the recruitment industry for over five years means that Rob has spoken to a range of exceptional engineers, all of which have given him an insight into a somewhat unfamiliar world! This industry experience made learning to code slightly easier as the terminology wasn’t completely mystifying but with the help of platforms such as PluralSight, Udemy and videos on Rob’s coding is really taking shape.

After learning the basics, Robs passion for learning to code has grown and in the last three months has completed coding courses in C# Fundamentals. He’s also learnt how to set up Visual Studio, Drawing a Shape, Variables, Data Types, Strings, User Input and working with numbers (integral numeric types). What a guy.

This week Rob took everything he’s learnt so far and translated it into a phrasal based game called a “Mad Lib”. The game takes user input and spits out a completed story based on the information provided by the user. Source Code Below:

Next on Robs list includes- Arrays, Methods, Return/IF/Switch Statements, Exponent Method, Exception Handling, Classes & Objects, Attributes, Classes and Inheritance. 

Good luck Robbie!

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