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At develop, we’re focused on learning and personal growth. All our consultants have a PluralSight login and they all learn to code in their chosen language. In May, we launched a coding challenge for the team where we asked them to create a CV-Interview ratio calculator in a language of their choice. Nathan Irons, Recruitment Resourcer, took the challenge head-on!

Being new to coding Nathan chose to learn Golang. Why Go? It’s definitely a valid question considering it’s one of the newer programming languages compared to say Python or Java. Well, that’s exactly why! Go is making big waves in the coding world and many of our clients are looking for Software Engineers that can code in Go. 

“The hardest part was definitely getting user input though, spent a good day trying to get different things to work and ultimately had to settle with the numbers being input in the source code itself.” 

As his first piece of code, we think Nathan smashed it! And he won a £125 voucher for his efforts! 

Continuing on the momentum that he’s built so far, Nathan’s next project is based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He’s set himself the challenge of creating a small web-based application to help decide where to eat when going out for dinner. The aim? To input the types of foods and the application would throw out some suggestions and nearby places. 

“It’s certainly the largest project I’ve taken on but one that would promptly solve a weekly, 2–3-hour debate between my girlfriend and I.” I suspect think this could help a good number of people with a similar weekly conundrum… 

Good luck Nathan!

If you’re interested in a sales career that upskills you in a similar way to Nathan, get in touch with Lucy Whitfield on 0203 988 4131 to learn more about joining our journey. 

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