National Coding Week at develop.

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At develop, all our Consultants learn to code in their chosen specialty. When you speak to our team your conversations are more technical because they speak your language and are the true definition of niche market specialists. For National Coding Week, we've spoken to some of our consultants about their latest projects. 

Coding with our Head of UK Development 

Rob Legg, our Head of UK Development has been learning to code for a while now and the last month has seen him take on a new challenge and that’s SOLID, ‘a lot of clients are talking a lot about clean code and I have seen more and more clients asking me about what candidates know about engineering principles particularly SOLID’. 

After hearing the term more than he’s used to, Rob thought this was the time to learn a bit more about SOLID for his next GitHub project as well as when he’s prepping candidates for interviews

The biggest learn I’ve got from my latest coding venture is the benefits of using SOLID allowing better accessibility, ease of refactoring, extensibility, debugging and most of all readability. I’m not sure what my next project will focus on but I’m looking forward to seeing what else I learn. 

Coding with our JavaScript UK Consultant 

JavaScript UK Consultant Lucy Ward uses her develop yourself hour to learn how to code using Pluralsight: ‘I've messed around with creating websites before joining develop for the purpose of selling products online. But since starting to learn how to code in JavaScript through Pluralsight I'm now beginning to understand on a deeper level what code affects simple things such as mouse movements and how pages load. I'm currently learning about looping which was a difficult concept for me to grasp at first but the videos on Pluralsight break everything down into bite-sized pieces making it so much easier to understand - overall loving it so far!’

Coding with develop's .NET UK Consultant

Following on from Nathan’s first coding success of building a CV-Interview ratio calculator he’s now built a random number generator using JavaScript, HTML and some really light and very basic CSS.

Nathan’s random number generator focused on helping him and his partner pick where to go for dinner – they put 10 different cuisines into the generator, and it randomly picks one option for them. Safe to say this could be a saviour for many households! 

“I think the most fun part was actually seeing it work and knowing it was something I created. The coding process was a challenge as I had never really used JavaScript before, there were some moments that I was convinced it would never work but thankfully, some junior developers from communities on GitHub and Stack overflow were around to offer some guidance.”

For Nathan’s next project he’s working on building a web app using ASP.Net Core, MVC, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap, and Angular. He’s not entirely sure what his project will create, but he’s learning the basics and will keep you updated on how it progresses. 

Coding with JavaScript Germany 

Adam Jbiri, develop's JavaScript Consultant for Berlin has only recently started his coding journey; this is what he's learnt so far: ‘develop offer us the chance to learn to code which is such a great skill for us to have as niche market specialists. I’ve been working on developing my JavaScript knowledge and now know the differences between frameworks within JavaScript, such as React, Node, Vue, and Angular. I’ve also been able to have more in-depth, technical conversations with candidates and clients. I’m excited to see how I can expand my knowledge and grow further as a consultant.’

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