The five best websites for Software Engineers

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There’s a lot of noise in the software space and there are many outlets all competing for the spotlight. We’ve put together the best five websites to help keep Software Engineers informed.

ZDNet covers global stories with local insight. Regardless of your seniority within the software engineering community, the site pulls together coverage and analysis on the topics that matter to professionals and decision makers of all levels. 

ZDNet is the go-to site for advice, solutions and reviews on all things business tech. They have a community section, where you can become a member and access a range of resources, connecting with like-minded industry professionals.

Developer is the platform for insight directly from the industry’s leading brands and experts. As well as news, blogs, comment, strategy and advice, Developer pack in a whole host of resources for engineers in the industry. Oh, and they hold digital events too; pretty cool, right?

They seek article contributions from industry professionals, as they expand their reach and connections to a global software community – a great opportunity to get yourself heard!

Arguably the industry’s leading print title, SD Times have some amazing online content. News, features, podcasts, webinars – whatever your preferred format, they will keep you up to date.

Created in the US, this publication has a global reach, touching on DevOps and data and taking deep dives into AI, autonomy and agile development. They’re everything a Software Engineer could need to advance their next project; so why not check it out?

It’s the ultimate community website for software engineering pros. Their URL set up to be intentionally confusing - - sets the tone for their website from the get go. 

Covering science, tech and politics news, is a popular hub for social and community. Each of the stories on the site are submitted by its community and evaluated by editors – so you know you’re getting the best updates from people in the know. 

Each story has a comments section, so that every piece of news becomes the topic of a thread among users. Slashdot gives members a community space to share and discuss industry news.

With more than one million members, DZone is a market leading news source. The site is split into different ‘zones’ from IoT, Cloud and AI to Java, OpenSource and Security. It was created with Software Engineers in mind.

As well as articles and guides, they also provide refcards – or cheat sheets – to help Software Engineers through tricky projects or technologies. It’s a great platform to gather information quickly which is essential in the disruptive engineering space.

When working on a range of assignments at once, it can be an invaluable asset to a project to have the core insights and knowledge of the industry and skills in the market to hand. Make sure that’s you.

Finding the best information on your chosen language can be a minefield. develop help you simplify the complex. Get in touch with one of our team today, 0207 733 0430. 

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