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Each month develop introduces a new wellbeing initiative to the team. This month we had certified financial coach and founder of This Girl Talks Money, Ellie Austin-Williams, speak to the team on financial wellbeing. 

As the world starts to open up and we spend more time eating out, socialising and planning summer breaks, our bank accounts are awakening once again to the cost of normal life. This month seemed like the perfect time for a financial wellbeing seminar to help the team get thinking about their bank balances. 

Financial Wellbeing

Talking about money has always been taboo and seems to come with negative connotations, meaning it is rarely discussed amongst friends, family, and sometimes relationships. Being in a sales role can mean that your salary can drastically vary month on month, and we want the team to be confident with their finances. 

Ellie spoke to us about maximising the money we have whether that’s saving money or investing it. The team were spoken to about savings accounts, ISA’s, investments, and pensions. Each person is different, and so are our needs. As a result, there is no one size fits all approach. 

Four questions we were all asked to consider at the beginning of Ellies talk was:
- Do you manage your money, or do you wing it? 
- How do you feel about checking your bank balance?
- What do you associate with the word budget?
- How much should you save and spend each month?

These questions got us all thinking and were a good reminder to us all about checking in with our finances each month, taking control of our balances and becoming more confident when it comes to money. Our chat with Ellie coincided with Mental Health Awareness Week and at develop we understand the importance of wellbeing and the impact that our finances have on our mental health. 

As much as I like to think I’m good with money, its can become all too easy losing track of daily spending. £10 here, £20 there - it’s easy to look at my statement at the end of each month and wonder where my money has gone. Since the past year has been spent at home it was easy to forget the cost of London socialising – Ellie reinforced the point of checking your bank accounts and setting manageable expectations when it comes to budgeting. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to sticking to a budget isn’t worth it. It’s important to have a healthy balance. 

If you’re looking for somewhere that values your health and wellbeing as well as your performance, give us a call on 0207 733 0430 for a chat with our Internal Growth Manager, Lucy. 

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