The AI Revolution

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National Coding Week is an important event that celebrates and promotes the importance of coding in various industries and this year’s theme is AI. The coding world has been impacted by AI and it’s evolving. Fast. It’s becoming more innovative by the day and changing the world. Now, we know the importance that AI has on our lives, but the capabilities that AI has now seen over the past few years couldn’t have been predicted. 

With the world becoming more connected and automated, it's essential that everyone has knowledge and skills in tech, and coding. A recent LinkedIn survey highlighted that 36% of workers feel overwhelmed by the rate of AI’s progress, and 38% worry they won’t be able to keep up with developments. The potential of AI is endless, and it’s discovery has only just started. Keeping up to date with updates and trends is key. 

Coding is an integral part of AI development, but with the complexity of AI algorithms, the need for skilled coders has never been more pressing. 

For those working in tech or wanting to enter the industry, having coding literacy is essential, especially as AI adoption continues to grow. Coding will play a significant role in the development of AI and how it works alongside humans so embracing it and keeping up to date with trends is essential. 

Despite peoples concerns over AI, trends and staying up to date, traffic to ChatGPT's website has fallen for the third straight month in a row in August. But this could be down to a whole host of reasons:

Is this because the hype’s wearing off? 

Are competitors are becoming more popular? 

Or is it because it’s Summer holiday’s and people are away from work or education?

Regardless of Chat GPT’s popularity, artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it's essential that we adapt to this new era. With the need for more skilled coders and AI specialists, National Coding Week highlighting it as its theme is a step in the right direction for creating a future where AI is harmoniously integrated into our lives.

This week is an excellent opportunity for individuals to learn about coding, its role in the industry, and how it intersects with AI. With the challenges and opportunities that come with AI adoption, coding literacy is becoming vital for individuals looking to maintain job security and remain competitive in the job market regardless of industry. The future of AI is exciting, it’s changing the game, and industries are adopting technology.

It's up to us to ensure we're prepared for it by having the right skills and knowledge.

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