What makes a good develop software engineering recruiter?

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We don’t want any old Recruiter.

No, seriously, we don’t.

In order to have a competitive edge, we know that the recruitment industry is going to look a little different to what most people are used to. We’re set on moving away from solely seeking the skills of a “typical” Recruiter – determination, strong people skills, motivation, integrity – sure, these are all nice to have, but our values and what we look for in a consultant has moved beyond that.

There are a few core areas that have sharpened our focus on what recruiters should bring to the table. Whether that’s graduate trainees, experienced consultants or sales support team members, our vision is simple; people come first.

So, what makes a good develop software engineering Recruiter?

Willingness to learn

There’s a huge difference between someone who is seeking to be taught and someone who is seeking to learn. Our Consultants are always finding new ways to level-up their skills. Taking the lead on this and wanting to learn demonstrates their proactive approach to the role.

We have a culture of learning and develop Recruiters all learn to code. Through access to PluralSight, they can teach themselves to code in the language they recruit for their clients in. It’s by doing this that they are able to get the best results for their clients (and for us)! 

Making a difference

We want to work with people that are passionate about making a difference too. Employees are becoming increasingly interested in working for companies that care about making a positive impact on the world. It’s no surprise that 71 per cent of employees would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant working for a company whose purpose and values they believe in. It really is that simple.

Once a quarter, we give back to our community through charity days. This allows us to provide our time and skills to helping the people in our society that need it the most. Our Recruiters are committed to this vision and that’s important to us. It doesn’t stop there though.

Why not use the code you’ve learnt to help us create us a new product? Whether that’s to help us keep track of internal figures, or to enhance the service a client receives, using your skills to make a difference is a huge plus to us.

Tech is top

If you like to shout about all the latest goings on within software engineering and the broader tech industry, that’s the kind of person that reflects the develop way. Sharing the latest trends in AI, ML, Blockchain, our core languages and beyond? Sounds perfect.

Where a develop recruiter really stands out from the crowd is in their unrivalled insight and love for all things tech. We don’t just want to know what you know though, we want to know what you’ve done. Whether that’s your expertise in the German market, or building on your knowledge of .NET, JavaScript, Java, Python (or Go), let us know about it.

In summary, we’re looking for talent that wants to be part of something bigger. It’s important for us to attract people that align with the forward-thinking, compassionate and socially conscious organisation that we are. When you have a friendly relationship with your employees, you get a lot of other positive things too – trust, collaboration and a two-way skills transfer. Having a close-knit team helps us to be more productive, boosts staff retention and improves employee engagement.

By partnering with the right experts, our clients give themselves a head start, setting them on the right path for long-term success. After all, choosing who to entrust with their business is a huge decision, and one that no business leader takes lightly.

Our Consultants are at the core of making that a reality.

Recruitment is different at develop. Come and find out how.

If you’re looking for somewhere that recognises your contribution and the value you bring to the business (as well as your performance), give us a call on 0207 733 0430 to join the journey at develop.

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