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There’s an acronym everywhere you look in the world of technology. You might be in a meeting talking about KPIs or fixing a CPU, or perhaps you’re working in SaaS or building APIs. Well, we’re throwing another one into the hat – IKM testing.

Whether you engage with us as a candidate or a client, you’ll hear us talking about IKM tests, but what are they? How do they affect you? What impact do they have? Well, here’s everything you need to know.

For candidates

While some people love an interview scenario, others loath it. Being put in the spotlight, tasked with giving the right answers and doing the right things, all at the right time, is stressful. Some operate well under that pressure, while others don’t. If the latter applies to you, then we don’t think that should be held against you. After all, being outnumbered by the people sat opposite you and talking about your skills and experience isn’t likely to be part of your day-to-day work.

After our initial chat with you, we’ll introduce you to the client so that you start to learn more about the opportunity in front of you. If it’s one you’d like to pursue, and the potential employer thinks you could be a good fit for their business, we’ll issue you an IKM test. It sounds daunting – but it isn’t.

A test will take you between 45 and 90 minutes to complete and gives the employer a chance to see your practical, on-the-job skills, rather than just hearing you talk about them. The test is a series of questions that increase in difficulty the more you answer correctly, giving you the opportunity to show just how good you are.

Your results are then fed back to the employer. As well as getting the answers correct, it also takes into account your ability to apply your knowledge, as well as your speed – but don’t rush, correct answers are far more important than quick ones.

They’ll then be able to compare your scores against other applicants. While others talk the talk, this is your opportunity to show that you can walk the walk.

For clients

It’s always nice to sit down with a candidate and speak to them about their experience – and there’s certainly still room for that in our process – but nothing beats seeing their experience in action. Our IKM tests ensure that the candidates you do sit down with are ones with the right skills and capabilities to move your business forward.

When we take on an assignment from you, we’ll work with you to build an IKM test to issue to the candidates you think would be a good fit for your business. Whether you’re looking for a Frontend JavaScript Developer or a .NET Platform Architect, those are the skills we’ll build your test around.

Not only do IKM tests save you time in getting a position filled (up to 50 per cent in our experience), they also widen the net a little. As we outlined earlier, not everyone thrives in an interview environment – but how important is that in the position you’re hiring for? By giving a candidate the chance to prove their skills to you, you don’t miss out on the people that perhaps aren’t as confident at interview, or maybe don’t have as much experience as you thought you were looking for.

We’ve seen that exact situation. We introduced a candidate to a client, and while they thought they would be a good cultural fit for the team, their experience was a little lacking on their CV. With a different process, the client may have chosen to end it there with that candidate, but after an IKM test they proved to have everything that was needed for the role and performed exceptionally, resulting in invites to first and second interviews.

The way forward

IKM testing isn’t something we offer to certain clients, it’s just something we do. When we are tasked with fulfilling a role for you, it’s simply part of the process. We all want things to run smoothly and efficiently, and IKM testing has saved time for countless clients and candidates – and saving time saves money, too.

develop works with International Knowledge Measurement to test Software Engineers before placing them into the best opportunities across the UK, Europe and in the US. For more information, get in touch.

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