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2020 was a year that tested us all and develop wanted to support our employee’s mental and physical health throughout the pandemic and beyond. Last year, we launched our health and wellness initiative – something which was completely new to us, but essential. In our initiative we implemented one-to-one sessions with a health coach, our first-ever working from home policy was introduced, we joined the cycle to work scheme and we started our company quarterly charity days. 

We knew these first steps were the start of something bigger, and as the globe starts to regain normality and the working world has changed, we realised our benefits needed to reflect the team’s new needs.

Blue Monday

Apparently, the third day of January is the most depressing day of the year. Is this true, or is it a result of a marketing campaign introduced in the early 2000’s? Either way, to combat this, the Samaritans launched Brew Monday encouraging people to talk over a warm drink and a biscuit. On January 18th, everyone at develop had a longer lunch where they were encouraged to check in and chat with loved ones, have some much needed ‘me’ time and to spend more time exercising outside in the sunlight. 

Drewe Broughton 

develop have been working with ex-professional footballer, turned performance coach and motivational speaker Drewe Broughton. Drewe has regular one-to-one meetings with all our consultants covering topics from fear to vulnerability and leadership. 

Junction 9

Alongside our regular training sessions with Junction 9 Founder, Trevor Pinder, and 24-hour access to online resources at junction9.net, all consultants now have access to free mental health support wherever they are in the world via professional available to answer questions or to be there if you need them via junction9.net.

Graze Boxes

At the end of every month, we have company drinks, whether this is in person or more recently over Zoom. Instead of sending the team alcohol, in February we sent everyone a Graze Box - perfect for our busy consultants, home schooling parents and half marathon trainers. Healthy body, healthy mind. 


March is the first month where everyone has access to TicTrac, a health and wellness app to encourage the team to live healthier lifestyles and increase their motivation to keep moving! We’ve introduced company step and cycling challenges where the winner of each gets a spin on the deal wheel! 

Employee Appreciation Day

Friday March 5th was Employee Appreciation Day – to say a well deserved thanks to the team we finished work at lunch and encouraged everyone to take some much-needed time off and enjoy a longer weekend. 

Hello Fresh 

We’re encouraging the team to eat well and healthily to fuel their busy days, and to kick start the financial year we sent everyone a voucher for Hello Fresh. Everyone will be able to cook healthy meals conveniently, whilst reducing their food waste as the exact measurements are provided – perfect for the team and the planet! 

If you’re looking for somewhere that values your health and wellbeing as well as your performance, give us a call on 0207 733 0430 to join the journey at develop. 

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